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Hello! West HartfordTM, a project of West Hartford's new Community Connections group, is a town-wide initiative to build bridges between community members.  Put simply, it is saying "Hello" and "Welcome" to each other in one of the many languages spoken by West Hartford residents.  There will be a different host and language chosen for each month.  Please click on one of the links under "How to Participate" for more information. Among the initiative's many supporters are: Mayor Scott Slifka, Town Manager Ron Van Winkle, School Superintendent Karen List, School Board Member Terry Schmitt, and Celebrate West Hartford Coordinator Helen Rubino-Turco. Hear what Mayor Scott Slifka has to say »

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"Thank You" video

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or call 860-810-0401

Special Thanks to WHC-TV for producing our language video series

Year in Review (1st Anniversary!)

Over fifty community organizations and businesses along with many individuals in West Hartford came together to share their language and culture with our community. (see the exciting video of volunteer participation)

This celebration included cultural facts, dance, music, games, and much more!

Thank you to all that participated in this dynamic event.

If you would like to feature your language, please contact us below.

Did You Know?

Hello! West Hartford’s
Fifth Year in “Revue”

April 24th, 2017 — 5:30pm to 8:30pm
West Hartford Town Hall Auditorium

Download our brochure →

The Dr. Karen L. List
Global Ambassador Award

The Dr. Karen List Global Ambassador Award which recognizes a Junior or Senior at Hall and Conard who promotes or embraces the West Hartford global community through service, action or demonstration.

(Applications coming to schools in January)

Join us

We meet on the first Wednesday of each month at the West Hartford Town Hall in room 422. Please join us—we welcome your thoughts and ideas!

How to Participate

Our wish list:

If your business or organization would like to be listed as a participant on this site, contact us through the form below or at

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February 17th, 2011

Tell us what your organization is doing to help promote language and cultural awareness in West Hartford!


  • Mohamed

    I love to learn more about Hello WH, I was speaking to someone from Open Communities Alliance and was told that the town is actively engaging communities across all ends of town and showcasing how welcoming West Hartford IS!
    I wanted to find out how the community feels about what I just heard that Hartford Public Schools is looking to move a Montessori School to our town. I have read about “Social Justice” and how Montessori really emphasizes community and self growth. I believe this will be a phenomenal addition to our town, and it will help us bridge some of the stereo types that exist. Let’s band together show our support!

  • Farooq dada

    Hello West Hartford,

    I am resident of West Hartford and physician by profession. We came to know from a friend that your organization is looking forward to promoting the game of Cricket.
    Cricket originated from England and is played world wide. The last Cricket world cup just concluded.
    There are 11 cricket teams in hartford county We have a team and want to participate in the league. We have avid cricket lovers and skillfully players in our team
    we would appreciate representing West Hartford in the league but to start with. We need your support and have a cricket field which is 55 by 55 meters round or oval shaped.
    we would be happy to meet and discuss the details and be great full to your sypport.
    our plan is also to train youth with coaching towards this wonderful fame which build team work discipline fitness with healthy activity for the youth of West Hartford
    Very Best Regards
    Farooq Dada

  • Shaikh Majid

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    To Promote Urdu Language Worldwide,

    We are invited you to visit Urdu News Paper
    It is a most popular News paper From India.
    Click on Below Link to check the site.


    Shaikh Majid

  • Ms Korean

    I think learning languages is just something that many of us have an interest in following. That’s why you get people learning Korean by watching jdramas. Thus there’s time spent on study methods. These are good times.

  • Shannon

    GREAT, GREAT night at Hello West Hartford

  • Hello! West Hartford

    See you Monday Night April 29th!

    Thanks West Hartford News for the article!

    Click to read below!

  • patrick

    I am so excited for the celebration on April 29. It will be so fun. I attend IEA in west Hartford. My music teacher speaks Korean. Our janitor speaks Spanish and we have a student who knows ASL. Our school is very diverse as is West Hartford. I am happy to be going to School in West Hartford. It is so culturally diverse and Hello! West Hartford helps bring out the beautiful patchwork of culture. I am a big supporter of Hello! West Hartford.

  • ruth Lee silver

    Please keep me informed about future activities. I am very interested in your programs.

  • Bepsie

    Thanks to all those who came to our Year in “Revue” celebration. We all had a wonderful time! Blog here to let us know what you liked or share something new!


  • ALEX

    Russian Radio Program every Sunday from 8 am to 9 am at WRTC 89.3 FM

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